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New Necklace :D

I ordered this necklace of Etsy. I never get mail beside spam mail, so it was a nice way to brighten up my day :)

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Stupid Pullman

So after a week or so of very pleasant weather, we were hit with snow and -12 degrees. It is so annoying! I can't drive anywhere, and Sam & I are completely out of food. I'm not exaggerating. In our fridge there is nothing but a Britta and condiments. Yesterday all I had were Crazins to eat. I can't wait to go grocery shopping. We really need to start stocking up on food, this is the second time we have been snowed in without anything to eat.
Yesterday was my first day of Pilates (you guys have no idea how hard it was to get myself to walk to the rec in -12) and shit I'm sore. I haven't worked out in a looong time. The class was full of skinny orange girls. Not that I have a problem with being average and kinda pale, but being surrounded by about 30 of them did tear on my confidence a little. Plus alot of the stuff we did was while laying on our backs, and since I broke my back last September I still have a hard time with that kind of stuff.

But I do have some good news: a friend let me borrow her old phone until I get my upgrade :D Ironically, her old phone is newer than the one I had that broke

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I just got back from Ikea. That place is like heaven & hell combined. I love it. I have a feeling that my stuff isn't going to match as well as it does in my head haha. In a bit my brother isgoing to help me pick up a dresser I found on craigslist. I hope it fits into my little Hyundai.
On Saturday I head back to school. Really looking forward to it this semesters. I feel like living in an apartment is going to be a lot different than living in the chapter house, but in a good way!

On a different note, I got my hair cut and can fingerwave it again :)

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I made a fascinator :D

After browsing Etsy I couldn't believe how much people wanted for a hand made fascinator. So I got crafty and made one myself. And I love love love it!

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Hair hair hair

I compiled hair pics from this week :)

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Pin curls galore

I've never been able to turn pin curls into an awesome wave..until to day! Dun dun dun

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hair stuff

I love the whole middle part thing, and this time I pin curled.

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Oct. 21st, 2008

I was going for a cute retro curly bob thing. Didn't have time for pin curls, used hot rollers. It held up very well all night! I need to start pin curling my hair every night again...

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